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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
1985A Comparaison of PMSG and LHRH agonist treatment in the induction of ovulation in the anoestrous eweRodway, R.G.
2022-09A Deep Learning Model For Food PairingBengoufa, Fady Ayoub; Bacha, Siham ( Promotrice)
1992A flow-through hydroponic system for the study of root restrictionPeterson, Tood Alan
2021A Machine Learning Approach for Simulation of Fluid FlowTCHERAK, Anis; REZOUG, Tahar (promoteur); BELKALLOUCH, A. (promoteur)
1988A new technology for the production of valuable vitamin extracts from wheat and rye germsKarwowska, K.
2021A Numerical Simulation of the Flow around an Airfoil under static and Pitching conditionsBOUZIANE, ANES; MELAKHSSOU, NOURELHOUDA. ; KALI, El-hadi (propoteur); LAAZEB, Sbaa (promoteur)
2021A performance Evaluation of Broadcast Communication in Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc NetworksBenchettouh, Ikbal
1985A review of the present status and future prospects os vicia faba L. in cyprusDella, Athena
1996A review on environmental impacts of nutritional strategies in ruminantsTamminga, S.
1988A simple two-phase system for efficient in vitro tuberization in potatoLillo, Catherine
2013A socio-cultural perspective on english reading comprehension in the algerian contextGhezali, Amina
1996A spatial analysis of physiological changes associated with infection of cotyledons of marrow plants with cucumber mosaic virusTécsi, Laszlo I.
2020A Study of Sound Event Detection Techniques for Home Activity MonitoringZabat, Sarra; Zidane, Nesrine
2020-09A study of the anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activities of phenolic compounds from Marrubium vulgareMulondo, Samuel
1993A study of volontary intake and digestibility of roughages in relation to their degradation characteristics and retention time in the rumenNandra, K.S.
2021-09-30A study on planning process in pharmaceutical industry using SAP systemFodil, Meriem
2006Aapproche bio ecologique du varroa jacobsoni parasité d'apis mellifica dans deux stations mitidjiennes.FELLAH, Mohamed; KOUDIL, Abdelhak; NEBRIR, (promoteur)
2021-10-04Abnormal sound detection for machine condition monitoringMokhtari, Abderrahim
2015-09Abondance saisonnière des Aphidiinae parasitoïdes d’aphides infestant les citrus en Mitidja et hyper parasitoïdes associésSALMA, AHLEM