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Titre: A Numerical Simulation of the Flow around an Airfoil under static and Pitching conditions
MELAKHSSOU, NOURELHOUDA. ; KALI, El-hadi (propoteur); LAAZEB, Sbaa (promoteur)
Date de publication: 2021
Editeur: blida 01
Résumé: This work presents the Workbench19.0 CFD analysis of static airfoil and OpenFOAM 8.0 CFD analysis of oscillating rotation airfoil. Unsteady subsonic flow is simulated for pitching airfoil at Mach number 0.045 and Reynolds number10.65×10 5 . Turbulent effects are also considered for this study by using K-ω SST turbulent model. Two-dimensional unsteady incompressible Navier-Stokes code including two-equation turbulence model. We have not only focused on the active flow control but also analyzed the important parameter reduced frequency at different values; those are 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3. Reduced frequency (κ) is very important parameter of an airfoil in the unsteady motion. The simulated oscillating Rotation results are compared with the available experimental data. The results have a good agreement with the experimental data. Aerodynamic characteristics during oscillating Rotation have been studied and validated.
Description: 017/021 Option : Propulsion Spatial promoteur: Dr. El HADI KHALI ; Dr. L.SBAA
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