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Titre: Robustness and Stability Analysis of the Hovering Motion of a Helicopter
Auteur(s): SAADAOUI, Fatima Zohra
HABBAR, Nassima
Mots-clés: MIMO system
State feedback controller
Block pole placement technique
General forms
Date de publication: 2019
Editeur: université blida 1
Résumé: Abstract Control engineering plays a fundamental role in modern technological systems. The benefits of improved control in industry can be immense. However, control engineering is not limited to engineering discipline but it is applicable to aeronautical, mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering. It is based on the foundations of feedback theory and linear system analysis that have arisen during the past century. Multi-input, multi-output systems are aimed to modify the behavior of an existing system to perform a best characteristics in terms of the time response performances, the robustness, the stability. All of this in a desired way using the feedback control theory. In this case, the control design is allowed to handle the desired objectives by using two different methodologies i.e(control strategies) named the block control forms and the general forms. Our application consists of simulating the dynamics of a helicopter at lateral motion using Matlab software. All these results are then compared to select the best state-feedback gain matrix satisfying the required criteria mentioned above. The comparison showed that the system performance is considerably affected by both the choice of the input sequence and the arrangement of the eigenvalues in the desired matrix.
Description: XII-78 p.;ill.+ 1 cd rom.-Mémoire de Master option Avionique.-Numéro de Thèse 035/2019
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